The Bachelorette’ Alum Hannah Brown Is Engaged to Adam Woolard — See Photos from the Romantic Proposal! (Exclusive)

“I find solace in his calming presence and his generous heart. His capacity to welcome and treasure every version of myself, even the unconventional and unpredictable sides, is something that deeply resonates with me,” Hannah Brown reveals exclusively to PEOPLE after her engagement.

Kenzie Hammock Adam Woolard gets down on one knee to propose to Hannah Brown

In an exclusive report, PEOPLE confirms that the former Bachelorette, aged 28, became engaged to her boyfriend, Adam Woolard, on August 24 at the enchanting Bolt Farm Treehouse in Whitwell, Tennessee.

Initially, Brown believed she and Woolard were visiting the farm to support its proprietors, Seth and Tori Bolt, who are friends of theirs. Little did she know that her family was also on-site, ready to surprise her for this momentous occasion.

“In the midst of the hustle of settling into our new Nashville home and launching my podcast, I hadn’t given it much thought. So, if he was planning a proposal, I genuinely had no clue,” she shares with PEOPLE. “While we had touched upon the idea of getting engaged, I felt so content and secure in our relationship that I wasn’t rushing it.”

“I adored not only the intimacy of the surprise shared just between us, but also the chance to spread the joy with our loved ones. And of course, the element of surprise itself. I’m a big fan of surprises,” she adds.

Bonnie McGhee Hannah Brown shows off her 3-diamond engagement ring

The newly-engaged couple embarked on their journey in 2021 after connecting on a dating app. Since then, they’ve also introduced a furry companion into their lives and embarked on a cross-country move from Santa Monica, California, to Nashville.

Prior to their relationship, Brown appeared on Colton Underwood’s twenty-third season of The Bachelor. She then took the helm as The Bachelorette for the show’s fifteenth season, where she crossed paths with her former fiancé, Jed Wyatt.

In retrospect, Woolard shares with PEOPLE that he recognized Brown as “The One” within just a few months of dating.

“If I had to select one quality I cherish about her, it would be her authenticity. She consistently lives and behaves from the deepest core of herself, unaffected by external influences. And that smile of hers, along with the way she brightens any room, is remarkable,” he expresses.

On her part, Brown explains that her realization of love for Woolard wasn’t tied to a single moment. “It’s the accumulation of moments that have made me feel cherished, seen, and embraced in ways I’ve never experienced before,” she shares.

“I’m captivated by his calming presence and his compassionate heart. His willingness to accept and love every facet of my personality, even the unconventional and unpredictable parts, is truly extraordinary,” she adds.

Woolard’s proposal showcased a stunning 3-stone ring from Ring Concierge, adorned with round brilliant cut diamonds. This unique design carries profound significance for both of them.

According to Woolard, on November 25, 2022, they explored various ring options in Tuscaloosa to understand different shapes and styles. It was during this process that he settled on the concept of a 3-stone ring.

“The symbolism captivated me,” he shares. “The three stones represent our past, present, and future. I’m enamored by how our journey began, and I’m brimming with excitement about what lies ahead. The central stone symbolizes our present, which is consistently my favorite part of our relationship.”

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