Sean Tuohy Of ‘Blind Side’ Responds To Michael Oher’s Fake-Adoption Allegations

Sean Tuohy, the character on the left in the photograph, has replied to allegations and defended his own family’s popularity after Michael Oher, depicted on the right, made claims that he changed into never legally adopted and accused the Tuohy own family of taking advantage of their courting. The Tuohy circle of relatives’s tale become the foundation in the back of the 2009 film “The Blind Side,” which centered on Oher’s journey to becoming an NFL celebrity.

Sean Tuohy
Sean Tuohy

Expressing his dismay, Sean Tuohy spoke to the Daily Memphian on Monday. He expressed that the concept of taking advantage of any in their kids is distressing and stated, “It’s frightening to suppose we would make cash off any of our youngsters. But we’re going to love Michael at 37 similar to we cherished him at sixteen.”

Oher filed a petition in a Tennessee court on Monday, alleging that Sean Tuohy and his spouse, Leigh Anne Tuohy, manipulated him into signing conservatorship papers whilst he become 18. Oher claimed that the Tuohys generated sizable profits from his tale through numerous business ventures related to the movie edition, which obtained an Academy Award and became commercially successful.

Regarding economic details, Oher specifically noted that the Tuohys and their youngsters earned $250,000 from the film, at the side of 2.5% in residuals. However, Sean Tuohy refuted those claims, stating, “We didn’t make any money off the film.” He clarified that they acquired a portion of the writer’s percentage, about $14,000 every, such as Michael.

Tuohy maintained that the own family’s financial status is nicely-documented, in all likelihood referring to his suggested sale of rapid-meals franchises for a huge sum. While acknowledging the conservatorship, Tuohy strongly disagreed with Oher’s assertions of greed and dishonesty. He explained that the conservatorship changed into established in right religion to ensure Oher’s eligibility to play soccer on the University of Mississippi and adhere to NCAA policies.

Tuohy in addition clarified the conservatorship’s origins, mentioning, “We contacted lawyers who had told us that we couldn’t undertake over the age of 18; the most effective factor we could do turned into to have a conservatorship.” He highlighted that they ensured Oher’s biological mother was found in courtroom to validate the association.

Expressing his emotions about Oher’s allegations, Tuohy mentioned the issue however affirmed their willingness to deal with Oher’s desires. He mentioned that if Oher had approached them to go away the own family, they might have supported his choice.

Addressing the allegations, Tuohy remarked, “No question, the allegations are insulting, but, appearance, it’s a loopy international. You’ve were given to live in it.”

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