Sam Asghari files for divorce from Britney Spears, seeks spousal support from the pop star

Sam Asghari has officially filed for divorce from singer Britney Spears, citing “irreconcilable differences,” according to documents obtained by NBC News on Thursday.

The divorce petition was submitted to the Superior Court of Los Angeles on Wednesday. It reveals that Asghari intends to request spousal support from Britney Spears and is also seeking financial coverage for his attorney fees.

Asghari’s filing states that he has not yet fully determined the extent of each party’s individual assets and obligations. This suggests that the petition might be subject to future amendments based on further developments.

A reliable source confirmed on Wednesday that the couple had indeed separated, with Asghari having moved out of their shared residence to establish his own living space.

As of now, representatives for both Britney Spears (41 years old) and Sam Asghari (29 years old) have not provided any comments or responses to requests for comment on this matter.

Spears and Asghari originally crossed paths in 2016 on the set of Spears’ “Slumber Party” music video, which marked the beginning of their romantic relationship. Their engagement was announced in September 2021, and they celebrated their wedding in June 2022 with a high-profile event at Spears’ Los Angeles home.

Britney Spears had been under a conservatorship for a span of 13 years, starting in 2008 when her parents pursued legal intervention. This arrangement deprived her of decision-making authority over medical matters and contracts, including marriage decisions, until the conservatorship was finally terminated in November 2021.

Documents submitted during the conservatorship in September 2021 indicated that Spears had instructed her legal team to draft a prenuptial agreement following her engagement. However, the contents of this agreement remain undisclosed.

Recently, Spears shared images on Instagram showing her and Asghari enjoying time together, including horseback riding on a beach in July. Earlier than that, she had posted photos and videos of their travels together.

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