Fortnite Leak Reveals Deboot Van

Fortnite is constantly changing due to numerous collaborations that frequently find their way into the game. However, this dynamic transformation isn’t limited to media partnerships alone. Epic Games also maintains excitement in the gameplay by introducing a diverse range of new items and features. This ongoing evolution means that players regularly experience alterations in their weaponry, requiring them to be adaptable as they strive for victory in the popular battle royale setup. A recent leak has emerged, possibly suggesting a significant change is on the horizon for the core gameplay. Yet, the exact nature of the anticipated “Deboot Ban” remains uncertain.


This leak originates from a Twitter post by LeakySussed, offering a pixelated preview of what might be the Deboot Van. As always, it’s wise to approach such leaks with a healthy dose of skepticism. Nonetheless, this leak gained credibility when shared by ShiinaBR on Twitter, an individual known for their accurate Fortnite predictions. While Reboot Vans, a concept familiar to most Fortnite enthusiasts, bring back eliminated players, the purpose of these Deboot Vans remains puzzling. Numerous speculations have arisen, but a definitive explanation has yet to be confirmed.

Deboot Vans’ Role in Fortnite:

Anticipating the function of Deboot Vans in Fortnite poses a challenge until Epic Games, the developer, issues an official statement. One possible role is that these vans might counter Reboot Vans by allowing players to eliminate a random opponent upon activation. However, this approach could prove cumbersome to manage, making an alternative solution more likely. It’s conceivable that Deboot Vans could confiscate cards from foes, preventing them from using Reboot Vans to revive their teammates.

Regardless, observing Epic’s creative direction for Deboot Vans, if they’re introduced to Fortnite, remains intriguing. Given the popularity of Reboot Vans since their introduction, introducing a counter mechanic could heighten the overall enjoyment. The exact timing of Deboot Vans’ integration into Fortnite is uncertain, but they might coincide with an upcoming collaboration.

Fortnite’s Upcoming Skins:

Following the recent launch of Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 on August 25, new skins have been introduced, including those for TikTok sensation Khaby Lame and Star Wars lead Ahsoka Tano. These additions mark just the beginning of the season’s skin offerings, with more set to release soon. While the eventual arrival of Lego and Doctor Who crossovers is confirmed, the Doctor Who collaboration has been delayed to accommodate the Lego crossover.


Hints have emerged about a potential crossover with Persona 5, though details are currently limited. Leaks also suggest another collaboration, possibly featuring characters from the popular anime My Hero Academia. Notably, players might gain access to a Shoto Todoroki skin. With Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 underway, more leaks or official announcements are likely to follow soon.

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